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Question by  brenjas (24)

What should I consider before donating sperm?


Answer by  turker (142)

Before donating sperm, you should consider you emotions over a couple producing your biological child. You should consider if you want to be a known or unknown donor. If it concerns you that there may be a child that shares your genes, you may not want to consider donation.


Answer by  malone (4817)

You should consider the fact that the screening process takes up to a year before an applicant can be approved. Most applicants are not able to pass the many areas of scrutiny.


Answer by  Jackie50 (360)

You should consider how you will feel about having a child who will never be a part of your life. You should also consider whether or not you will have your own children with your wife and how they will feel about your "donated" child.


Answer by  jingles (142)

You should consider if you feel comfortable with having a baby or child out there that you may never meet. Also, think of all hereditary problems that you may have.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Donating sperm is a very serious decision and not one you should make over night. By donating sperm you are giving someone permission to have your baby, while you will never be responsible for the baby there will be a child out there that is technically your child and shares your genetics.

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