Question by  kaiote (45)

What movies does Ewan McGregor star in?

He is my favorite actor and I want to watch every single movie he has been in.


Answer by  Zoso (869)

McGregor's starred in Trainspotting, Emma, Brassed Off, Nightwatch, The Pillow Book, A Life Less Ordinary, Velvet Goldmine, Star Wars Phantom Menace, Rogue Trader, Nora, Moulin Rouge, Blackhawk Down, Star Wars Attack of the Clones, Solid Geometry, Down with Love, Young Adam, Faster, Big Fish, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Stay, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Deception, Incendiary, & Amelia.


Answer by  jmansfie (282)

Ewan McGregor stars in a number of commercially successful films that include Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Episode III, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, and the Island.


Answer by  Jason41 (229)

Obviously he's in all the Star Wars movies-Episodes 1,2,& 3 as Obi-Wan. He's also in DECEPTION with Hugh Jackman, that was a good movie. Another movie is THE ISLAND with Scarlett Johansson. He's also in ANGELS & DEMONS that just came out this year too.


Answer by  Anonymous

Star wars!!!!


Answer by  thisistherealdeal (27)

Do an internet search for his filmography. The 1st was "Being Human" and the last "Jackboots on Whitehall".

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