Question by  jiffyfeet (18)

What kinds of ingredients are in veggie burgers?

Ironically, I don't think it's too many actual vegetables in veggie burgers, so what is in there?


Answer by  tschebyshev (252)

Most veggie patties are based on the soybean. Soy is incredibly versatile and can be morphed into all sorts of textures. Some newer varieties of veggieburgers are based on mushroom. I think these are even tastier than the soy versions.


Answer by  mom (244)

The average veggie burger recipe has the following ingredients: garbanzo beans, eggs, sea salt, cilantro, onion, lemon zest, micro sprouts, bread crumbs, and extra-virgin olive oil.


Answer by  Joven (163)

The patty of a veggie burger can be made from vegetables, legumes, nuts, dairy, mushrooms, soy-derived textured vegetable protein (TVP), wheat gluten, eggs, or a combination of these. Most veggie burgers are now made from soy.


Answer by  Mercuryman3a (113)

You could have variety of ingredients in a veggie burger. You could select vegetables from among the following - onions, capsicum, tomato and lettuce leaves. You can sprinkle some salt and pepper and add a layer of tomato sauce. if you prefer, you could ad mayonnaise too.

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