Question by  feliciano (1)

What kind of tea does Panda Express use?


Answer by  Max89 (36)

The tea used at Panda Express is usually a Jasmine-infused Iced Tea. This is not written in stone and can change by different locations or times. Every time I have went and to locations all over the USA it has been a Jasmine-infused Iced Tea.


Answer by  CoffeeLuvr (7)

The last time I filled my cup at Panda Express it was with their jasmine infused iced tea, right next to the soda fountain! Each time I've partaken, this tea has been freshly brewed, never stale, and not overbearingly sweet - everything I look for in a fast food beverage.


Answer by  Anonymous

Just went there today. They were serving a passion fruit black iced tea, with strawberry and herbs for flavoring. It is completely ignorant to assume that their tea is produced by Lipton. There are thousands of different teas throughout the world, and Lipton has nothing to do with them.


Answer by  case (1261)

I was under the impression that it is green tea for the hot tea. If you are asking about ice tea I would assume it would be tea blend from a major producer like Lipton.


Answer by  Anonymous

If you're talking about the fountain tea, the one my local Pandas have is Brisk Green Tea Peach.


Answer by  sean52 (86)

Panda express doesn't use classical tea. The tea is bottled and kept by the cash register usually, and a big name brand. Usually green tea.

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