Question by  Samantha64 (120)

What kind of rum do you use in Pina Colada?

I would like to make pina colada's.


Answer by  isis36 (161)

For a Pina Coloda, I use a white rum (also known as a light rum). Malibu and Bicardi are the two brands I am most likely to use, as they are both easily available and not particularly expensive.


Answer by  Pauli (43)

The preferred rum for a pina colada is a coconut rum. This qualifies for the colada part of the pina colada. Regular rum is too bitter for this drink which is supposed to be smooth. Instead of the coconut rum, you could substitute spiced rum. When doing thins, you would need to use coconut extract.


Answer by  Jingris21 (65)

I use malibu coconut rum. I also use malibu pina colada mix, so they go really well together. It tastes great and doesn't burn!


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Traditional Pina coladas are made with a light rum. I have also used light malibu coconut or pineapple flavoured rum when making them, and it tasted fine to me (not a connoisseur). You can make them fresh, or buy a pina colada mix and then add the rum. Have fun!


Answer by  shan83 (48)

always use the best white rum you can afford. IF you are not using coconut milk, you can cheat and use a malibu rum (coconut flavour).

posted by Anonymous
Shan is correct. A light or white rum is preferred, which requires using cream of coconut with pineapple juice and pineapple chunks all blended together. We also put in some dark rum. Find what you like and run with it.  add a comment
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