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Question by  coolguy (7)

What kind of jobs do you find in the Morning Coffee newsletter?


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

These jobs tend to be low skill and high turnover. Waiters and waitresses, some entry level retail sales, basic customer service work, and restaurant staff are common. They will sometimes include casting calls, telemarketing, and delivery person work. Many positions are commission paid or minimum wage. On occasion there is higher skilled work like physical therapy assistants and RNs.


Answer by  Fred1234 (5)

Landscaping, rock hauling, and yard cutting are very popular jobs that you will find available when the end of winter comes and the flowers begin to bloom.


Answer by  Stardancer (295)

Published weekly the Morning Coffee newsletter the list currently available freelance writing, graphic and photography positions. Included are copywriters, photographers, editors and graphic design positions.


Answer by  LSK (51)

Normally, you can found a lot of freelance writing jobs available in the Morning Coffee newsletter. You may found your interest if you're good in writing.

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