Question by  Toastopia (22)

What kind of fabric is best for a comforter?

I am buying a new comforter soon.


Answer by  cady (194)

If you're looking for convenience, you will want a comforter with fabric that is washable or has a washable cover. You can buy a cover separately once you know the size of your comforter; they're called duvet covers. Aside from that, you might want a very comfortable; for that, consider an extra-soft cotton. Cotton is also quite durable!


Answer by  SGividen (652)

Choose a comforter with a fabric that is non-allergenic, easy to wash and keep clean and doesn't create lots of dust. Cottons, linens and flannel (in the winter months) are great types of fabric for comforters and bed covers. Avoid fabrics made of silk, wool and burlap, they are uncomfortable and hard to care for.


Answer by  Fidget (17)

Simple cotton is best, as the cheaper synthetic fabrics will build up static electricity and don't breathe as well. Naturally, a high thread count, at least 300, will make it very comfortable to the touch, too.


Answer by  mewgoo (11)

Cottons are typically higher quality than cotton-polyster blends, but they also wrinkle more easily. I have found that cotton-polyster blends attract more lint.


Answer by  alicebaby (65)

When deciding on which comforter to buy for your bedroom, you must first decide on fabric. A cotton comforter is soft and warm, but a down comforter can't be beaten for all seasons.


Answer by  kathryn26 (96)

A fabric of natural fibers rather than synthetic is best for comfortors. These include cottons and rayons. Both cotton and rayon "breath" better than synthetics like polyesters, so there would be less perspiration with cottons especially, and then rayons. A fabric combination of both fibers might be best because the cotton offers optimum sleeping comfort while the rayon avoids wrinkles.

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