Question by  kasey78 (10)

What is the Zaffa wedding march like?

I will be attending my friend's wedding.


Answer by  Lepi (314)

The short answer- very loud! The Zaffa wedding march is a procession of many different instruments to announce that the wedding is starting, and you can hear all the hubbub from several blocks away. Along with the instruments, there's clapping, singing, and shouting.


Answer by  MandyF (73)

The Zaffa is an ancient arab tradition. It's a musical combination of bagpipes, horns, drums, belly dancers, usually men with flaming swords. They are very noisy and have many people clapping and singing. This processional announces the ceremony is about to begin and can be heard from very far away.


Answer by  crzysis78 (15)

Very much like a Greek wedding or Carnival, with lots of dancing, music blaring, and singing. Very festive. The women screech a lot, there are many props such as swords.

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