Question by  jpevans (34)

What is the treatment for Graves disease?

A friend of mine has just been diagnosed with Graves disease.


Answer by  cskuza (99)

A thyroid disease diagnosed by a blood test. You have the option to take Tapezol to see if it would help, surgery or kill your thyroid with radiation. Radiation is administered at the hospital as a drink. You will have to take medication such as levothroid daily for the rest of your life since your thyroid does not work anymore.


Answer by  tml4986 (195)

Graves disease, an autoimmune disease that typically affects the thyroid, is typically treated by anti-thyroid drugs (used to reduce the production of thyroid hormones), radioiodine, and thyroidectomy (surgery to remove the thyroid).


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

Graves disease is a disease of the thyroid and can be treated with medication that inhibits the function of the thyroid and also another treatment is radioactive iodine used to destroy part of the thyroid. sometimes surgery to remove the thyroid or the part of the nodule causing the problem is necessary.

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