Question by  worker38 (21)

What is the personality like of someone born under the Virgo zodiac sign?


Answer by  Tamy (72)

A Virgo is a born analyst, intellectual, precise and methodical. Humble and serviceable is a perfect worker and a perfectionist. Sometimes too slow to make decisions about himself.


Answer by  katinkit (11)

Virgo's positive personality attributes are clarity of thought, discrimination, courtesy, service to others, practicality and self-honesty. Negatively, Virgo can become critical, cranky, timid, pessimistic, feel inferior, and tend to split-hairs.


Answer by  AstroWiki (113)

Virgo sun signs are generally detail-oriented, thoughtful, pragmatic, and have excellent work ethic. They can be overly critical and perfectionistic at times. Health issues are common.


Answer by  bidurpan (105)

Virgos are often modest and shy, and can get worried easily. They can be perfectionist, but are also intelligent, practical, and reliable.

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