Question by  twintechtukers1 (20)

What is the history of Mexican food?


Answer by  redhdzyahoocom (99)

Mexican food has long been believed to be from the Mayan Indians. They have been known to eat a corn tortilla or two. The tamale can be traced back prior to Columbus.


Answer by  Guam (158)

Some Mexican food actually originated from the Spanish. They imported foods such as corn and beans. Which today is practically in every Mexican dish.

Reply by MiguelitoCarranza (0):
No, those foods were originated in the Americas.  add a comment

Answer by  kayleen (128)

I think that the history of Mexican food comes from Mexico. And it has a lot to do with their culture and how they where raise. I am sure that most families were poor and all they could afford were beans and to make tortillas.


Answer by  MiguelitoCarranza (0)

Mexican food comes from a blend of Aztec and Spanish influence. Tortillas, hot cocoa, and pozole are from the Aztecs, while pan dulce, chorizo, and sangria are types of Spanish food.

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