Question by  armchairscientist (18)

What is the advantage of speaking another language?

I have to make a debate argument.


Answer by  Jenni10 (9)

The advantage of speaking another language is that you can gain insight into the mindset of another culture. Every language reveals something different about how people think. You can never fully understand another culture without knowing the language associated with it. Learn a language, learn a culture!


Answer by  kak (488)

One basic advantage of speaking another language is that you can communicate with more people. Some say is boosts your brain power and helps you become a multi tasker. This ability keeps your brain exercising more. There are scientific studies that state dimentia sets in up to five years late for those that are bilingual.


Answer by  Jessie161 (41)

Some advantages are: being able to understand local language when travelling, huge benefit for finding jobs, depending on the language and location, and the simple joy of knowledge.


Answer by  aebowen (46)

There are several. Bilingual or multilingual people often have a broader and more open-minded worldview. They feel more self-confident when traveling abroad. Communicating with others in their native language creates better rapport with them.


Answer by  mascota (639)

Being fluent in a second language opens doors career wise. Learning another language helps you understand grammar in your own language too. If you travel abroad you can converse easily. The younger you are when you start learning the better.

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