Question by  bubbaloo (66)

What is the accuracy of baby due dates?

Why do they bother if they get it wrong?


Answer by  owlie (231)

Women who give birth on their due date are actually a minority. Because it's often difficult to pinpoint the exact date of conception, due dates are "estimated" based on the last menstrual cycle (or day of ovulation, if known). Even if it's not a perfect estimate, it is typically within a couple of weeks.


Answer by  Heather83 (281)

The accuracy can vary greatly and it's not always because the doctor gets it wrong. If the mother doesn't track her periods carefully, she may not be able to give an accurate conception time frame. As you get further along, actual belly measuring makes due date accuracy much higher. It's just used as a possible time frame.


Answer by  decomom (923)

It's true that many times babies are not born on their due date. However, usually it's within a week or so of delivery. This helps to know approximately when certain pregnancy milestones should happen such as hearing a heartbeat, and can signal the doctor when extra testing may be needed.


Answer by  Jen70 (62)

It is important to have the estimate because it helps determine if your baby is growing correctly. It is an estimate, not an exact science.

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