Question by  dakmor (35)

What is necessary hiking gear?

I am going hiking for the first time in two weeks.


Answer by  Turk808 (69)

First aid kit, Pocket Knife, Flashlight with spare batteries, waterproof matches, poncho, inspect repellant/ sunscreen, water, food (nuts, fruit, energy bar), compass, map, whistle and a plan.


Answer by  moonloon78 (5)

Good boots are a must, you would also need a tent that is packable in you back pack which should be from a company such as Notrh Face.


Answer by  tblu (38)

This depends on the distance and the terrain. In general, you will want a pair of good, sturdy boots that support your ankles well. A water bottle is also vital.


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

Make sure to bring a gun for defense against predators, be that humans or other animals. I recommend a Walther P99.

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