Question by  thinblueline (14)

What is meant by "audit working papers?"

I am supposed to compile them for an audit and I don't know what it means.


Answer by  den2den2 (48)

This is a general term for the documentation that is compiled to support the audit effort. If auditing cash, your work papers include the work program or plan on how the cash balances reported on a company's balance sheet will be verified. It would also include copies of the respective bank statements and a copy of the general ledger.


Answer by  SimonLC (234)

You need to see what are the accounts to be audited and get all the papers that led to the launches. So make your own accountability with these papers compare the results and give an opinion if the result is the same. If you do not get all the papers relating to the original entries begin to suspect fraud.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The auditors should provide you a list of what they want to see before they come to the audit. These " audit working papers " will include things like a detailed listing of your fixed assets, bank reconciliations, roll forward of debts from last year to this year, etc.


Answer by  anna1978 (6)

This means that every business is to be audited. And this papers are from auditing work. The work is to be done using audit

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