Question by  rst812 (20)

What is involved in running a website?


Answer by  madcookie83 (65)

You have to decide what it will be about. Is it something that you like or something that a lot of people are interested in. Next you have to update your content at least daily to keep it fresh. Lastly is promoting the site, either through friends or search engines.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

You must first get someone to host the site, then someone to design the site, unless you know how to do it yourself. Then you will need to figure out ways to draw traffic to the site. There are plenty of advice sites to help you.


Answer by  calweb (16)

Running a website can be a simple or very complicated task. On the very simple end, you must simply sign up for a free service and start adding content, which is the single most important part of a website. 'Running' it requires some planning, content, and time.


Answer by  mjjaegly (211)

First you have to have a good layout and a great idea to obtain traffic. Next you must decide if the site will be for profit. Are you selling something? Next be sure you have the time to at least update daily.


Answer by  glwalker (6)


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