Question by  AlanNadaskay (63)

What is fun about Simpson's Monopoly?


Answer by  Lepi (314)

Simpsons monopoly is just like every other version of monopoly. The only difference is that all landmarks have been replaced with parts of Springfield. Fun for a super fan.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

The only different thing in Simpson's monopoly is that the whole outlook is of Simpson's. The money is from the Simpson's show and all the cards have a Simpson's picture on them. This is the only extra thing on my Simpson's monopoly otherwise it is the same as any other.


Answer by  SMS4415 (343)

Well, first of all, Monopoly is a really fun game! And The Simpsons is an amazingly funny television show. Put the two together, and you have one awesome, fun game!


Answer by  Jackhermiz (11)

Monopoly boardgames are really pretty much the same., but, since the design and focus on the gameboard is the Simpsons, it is a little more interesting and entertaining for Simpsons fans.

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