Question by  mycsn (25)

What is considered to be national dress?

I would like to better understand dress fashion.


Answer by  geape (30)

It's a costume made by traditions, folk and particular anecdotes associated with it. It can be part of any part of the history of a nation, and sometimes be something originated in some town, national party or festival. Some countries have a particular tradition like Russia or Mexico, where even the image of their people is attached to their costume.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

I would say that national dress would incorporate a pant suit of some type, finely tailored. Dresses can be too short or long, and other ensembles can fall into the same category. A pant suit works well for both men and women, with no worry of showing too much skin.


Answer by  Linda15 (23)

National dress usually means the clothing traditionally worn in a country or region before international fashions had much of an influence. The dress was suitable to the climate and the sort of work most people did on a daily basis. Most people only wear national dress now on special holidays.

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