Question by  janz (19)

What is a good color to use for foyer tile?


Answer by  TracyJo (74)

Beiges and tans are good colors to use for foyer tile as they are calming. Another option is a terra cotta color, although the lighter the color, the more dirt tracked inside the house will be visible and more cleaning will be required. However, you can never go wrong with earthtones.


Answer by  stinkymess (310)

Foyers tiles are the first thing people see. They are the first impression into your home. I use a rich color tile. Maybe something in the brown family. Not too dark because you do not want the area to look small. If the tiles are diaganol, then you can use two colors that compliment each other.


Answer by  TF (60)

Depending on how often the foyer is used it may get quite a bit of traffic. A darker tile will keep the visual signs of dirt down. But even if a lighter tile is used a darker grout is recommended, light grout will become dingy quite quickly in high traffic.


Answer by  Jessie74 (15)

A good color for Foyer Tile all depends on the end users preference. A person usually wants to make a statement when a guest walks in so I recommend a 12x12 Porcelain ceramic tile with dot accents. I know in my house I have a Crema Marfil granite 12x12 tile with Butterfly Green accent dots.


Answer by  Susannah (57)

Neutral colors, especially browns and tans, make a great choice for foyer tile, because they will complement any color scheme and are less likely to show dirt.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

That depends on personal taste and the style of your home. Generally, neutral colors will be more timeless and your home will not appear dated. Look at natural stone tile and compare it to porcelain products that echo the same color schemes. Porcelain tile is durable and requires less maintenance.


Answer by  whatsittoya (122)

There are lots of options available for the color of tile. A person can pick any color at all for their foyer.

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