Question by  BEENA65 (9)

What features do you compare when shopping for a new dishwasher?

I am remodeling and this will be my first dishwasher.


Answer by  evan626 (27)

I will compare the energy efficiency and the low noise feature of the dishwasher. Were going to use the dishwasher almost everyday, less energy used will help reduce the household bill. Low noise feature will ensure you won't be bothered each time you use it.


Answer by  lolson39 (206)

I want a dishwasher that is quiet when running, holds at least 8 complete place settings and completes its cycle within 90 minutes.


Answer by  user21 (361)

There are several features you might want to look for in a dishwasher. First, don't forget to measure the space. Next, look at features such as load capacity, water consumption, and energy star ratings.


Answer by  Elizabeth73 (292)

Aside from price some things to consider in buying a dishwasher are the noise level emitted during a wash cycle, timers so you can start a load after a given amount of time, overall size, whether the dishwasher matches your other kitchen appliances and of course you should buy a quality brand that has a good warranty.


Answer by  Blossom9283 (358)

Things to consider when looking for a dishwasher are washing time, if there is a sanitizing mode, size, and color. ANother consideration is space, there are on the counter ones that are small, ones that go between counters and ones that are standalone.


Answer by  momof11 (105)

You need to look at the size of the basket, that it has economy setting for small loads, and a dish warmer setting is nice.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I would read all the reviews I could. How many setting does it have? How much will it hold? Where I put it will the door fully open.


Answer by  Jim88 (103)

Color. Size, both inside and out. Water jets on the bottom and top rack. Quietness. Power effecientcy. What types of detergents can it use. That's it!

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