Question by  Stanislav (22)

What can you do if your child suffers from school bus anxiety?


Answer by  wiss22 (119)

You need to find out if the anxiety is coming from other children who are also riding the bus or the actual bus ride itself.


Answer by  Driver (43)

If a child suffers from an anxiety such as a school bus anxiety you need to talk. It is important that children know they are not alone and they can come to their parents anytime! If the anxiety does not get better you might want to make an appointment at a psychologist or just drive the child to school.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Like any disorder, you should talk to your child as to the origins of why they have these feelings, and if necessary, get them help.


Answer by  Myself70 (128)

First be sure there isn't a reason for the anxiety, such as bus bullies, if there is not then the best thing to do is reassure them for next time.

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