Question by  Eddie87 (129)

What can you do for mange in cats?


Answer by  JoanieMcLarney (25)

Veterinarians treating this condition will generally use a well known and trusted medicine such as Ivermectin given by mouth. Depending on the severity of the case, it can require more than one treatment. To ease discomfort, a diluted betadine solution can be applied to affected areas of skin giving temporary relief.


Answer by  WeepingAngel (74)

Mange in cats is very serious. It can even kill. There are medicines that help it that need to be given in precise dosages. I would suggest taking your cat to the vet and letting them handle that.


Answer by  kjgoulet (460)

There are 2 types of mange, if it is the one that can be treated there are baths that kill the mites. Otherwise it's best to put them to sleep.


Answer by  rolala (171)

Take your cat to the vet to confirm a mange diagnosis and discuss treatment options. To prevent re-occurrence permanently thereafter it is vitally important to strengthen your cat's immune system from the inside out. Invest in, and feed, premium, grain-free or raw cat foods to ensure optimal health in the long-term. Maintain a clean environment and stress-free routine at home.


Answer by  cmkekbif (778)

In most cases mange is caused by an allergic reaction in cats. It would be best to see a vet.


Answer by  matt1930 (84)

Homeopathic medicine can help both animals and humans for a lot of diseases, including mange. There is an homeopathic shampoo available on the Internet which will take care of this trouble: Defendex.


Answer by  stellargamebirds (121)

Mange is a skin rash caused by mites.Mange in cats is usually treated with Ivermectin but because there are certain types of mange, some do require a couple injections in a four week time.


Answer by  catlover66 (112)

Ivermectin can be applied by your vet directly to the cats skin or by injection. There is also shampoo called dermisil for mange you can use at home.


Answer by  PaintedRoadkill (504)

There are medicated shampoos that help clean the skin as well as drugs that your vet can give you to help with the problem as well.

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