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Question by  anoojkumar (47)

What can I expect fro withdrawal bleeding if I stopped my birth control pills in the middle of the pack?


Answer by  cowcat (42)

You will bleed just like you would if you were having your period. Without the hormones from your pilll, your body will believe it is time for your monthly cycle. This will start several days after you take your last pill and continue for the length of a normal period.


Answer by  profitbaby (9)

This has to do with a reduction in the hormones that the birth control offers. One common solution to this problem is to wait until the next Sunday and start your Birth Control again. This should put your cycle back on track. The bleeding should stop in approximately seven days.


Answer by  kalamitykrys (228)

It can be very sporadic. It's usually not a heavy flow, but can be depending on your cycle. At times it may feel as if though you are actually on your period.


Answer by  babylove (655)

First of all, I would not recommend you stop taking your birth control at all. If you decide to stop taking them though you wil mess up your menstral track and it could cause a heavy flow. It could possibly give you your period for over a week, sometimes up to a month.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Many women experience withdrawal bleeding when they stop taking birth control but every woman is different so there are no set rules. I would consult my doctor so I would know exactly what to expect.


Answer by  dee123 (51)

For most people, withdrawal bleeding occurs roughly 3-4 days after one stops taking their hormonal birth control pills. Some women are more irregular though, and may experience withdrawal bleeding a day or two after that window.


Answer by  Brooke92 (61)

This varies from woman to woman. Many women experience much more menstrual bleeding than they had previously, but only for the period that begins when the birth control pills are not taken after the first half of a pack. However, the amount of blood lost is usually not dangerous.


Answer by  rebel10 (58)

This depends on what type of birth control you have been taking and on your body in particular. If you take birth control pills and have one period a month, it is not uncommon to experience withdrawal bleeding. However, some people do not experience withdrawal bleeding and simply resume having periods at the normal time.


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

If you stop in the middle of the pack, you will have the same kind of withdrawal bleeding you would have if you took a full pack and took the placebo week at the end. You would also be at risk for ovulation and would have to use a backup method of birth control.


Answer by  lexio (7)

The bleeding that starts when discontinuing birth control pills should be light. While the next regular period you have maybe heavy. It will also take time for your body to adjust and your periods may come every two weeks.


Answer by  maybe (70)

If you stop taking birth control pills midway through you can expect bleeding to start soon after. It may be lighter than a regular period and last fewer days.


Answer by  Kassidy (223)

You will experience mood swings, because your body is adjusting to the different levels of hormones. You may start your period early or experience a days worth of light spotting.

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