Question by  bernard54 (17)

What are typical iep's for preschoolers?

I need to know what to have on my preschoolers iep.


Answer by  Don12 (44)

Your child's IEP should contain information about the goals he should be working towards and the services he will receive to help him meet those goals. Goals should be measurable and objective (they shouldn't use words like describe and appropriate). Services such as speech therapy should include how many minutes he'll recieve each week and service duration.


Answer by  Tara39 (34)

A typical preschool IEP will be developmentally based. This means goals and objectives will be written with a baseline of where your child is functioning now. Goals will most likely fall into different categories which could include but are not limited to fine Motor, gross motor, communication, daily living or self help, play skills, social, and early academic.


Answer by  JLA (21)

The IEP goals need to be short and address the students particular disability. Since you are dealing with a preschooler they also must understand the IEP goal.


Answer by  John (9008)

It varies with their disability. Generally, however, they will center around behaving in class ("Johnny will be on task 75% of the time") or specific learning goals (colors, etc).

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