Question by  ebizzle (13)

What are the various animal life cycles?


Answer by  SallyManda (308)

There are a variety of animal life cycles. Salamanders for example, can develop from eggs straight into little versions of adult salamanders or they can emerge from the egg as a gilled salamander larvae, which eventually turns into an adult. Another type of salamander, called a newt, has more life stages, including a juvenile land stage called an eft.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Most cycles in the mammal world will be something like infant-midlife- and then about 75% of that adulthood. For things like frogs it would be something like egg- tadpole- frog. Or something like a butterfly would be something like egg-larvae pupa-adult. But there's a lot more kinds of animals out there with more complex life cycles.

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