Question by  rocky1717 (43)

What are the symptoms of delusional disorder?


Answer by  April (296)

Symptoms of delusional disorder are when a person really honestly believes something that cannot possibly be true and they care completely convinced it is real. Delusions can be paranoid where a person may believe someone or something is out to get them. These delusions remain in tact for most of their lives and can have an affect on their life.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

A person with delusional disorder is very persistent in a beleif.They are very forcful about their beleif and do not take litely to be teased about or being made fun of.


Answer by  skm (432)

A delusional disorder occurs when a person holds a delusion (defined as a fixed false belief) but remains functional in everyday life and doesn't meet the qualifications for schizophrenia. One example of a delusional disorder is a person who truly believes that a celebrity is in live with them, despite this being obviously false.


Answer by  yvonnew (31)

Thinking things to be true that can easily be disproved. An example would be the person believing that their sister is a top-secret agent when facts and investigations simply prove otherwise.

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