Question by  squiffy (130)

What are the qualities of a bad team leader?

I would like to come up with a definition of "good" by identifying "bad".


Answer by  bug57 (1048)

There are many factors that can make working under another person difficult to intolerable at times. Many bosses or managers have a tendency to take their jobs too far. For instance; one who is prone to micromanaging, or even giving too little direction, not properly motivating or using the inherent skills demonstrated by the employees.


Answer by  cruehead (7)

A bad team leader has the following attributes: 1. Does not accept feedback from team members 2. Does not tell team members about important decisions in a timely manner 3. Does not listen objectively to negative feedback 3. Does not take charge when a decision needs to be made


Answer by  Matju (111)

Bad team leader is some one who is very immature, nervous, who thinks just only about himself/herself. We can't live with person like this.

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