Question by  Marcinj (39)

What are the pros and cons to elopement?

My fiance wants to elope and I don't.


Answer by  Niq (204)

Elopement is something that should be given very serious thought. It isn't entirely bad to elope because you'd save a ton of money. It also re-establishes the importance of just you and your fiance being present. However, family and friends might be hurt they weren't allowed to participate. Also, no wedding means no wedding gifts.


Answer by  Missy74 (262)

Some pros are: less expensive, less hassle, don't have to invite a lot of people some cons are: won't have your family there, won't have the wedding of your dreams


Answer by  foodie213 (301)

Elopements are usually much cheaper than a full-blown wedding since you will not have to pay for a venue and a reception. The con is that you wouldn't have a huge reception full of people. You could compromise and do a destination wedding with a small party.


Answer by  angelsmom08 (200)

An advantage would be that you can enjoy each others company and won't have to spend money for a wedding. A disadvantage would that sometimes, it can lead to breakups.


Answer by  jems (194)

The pros involved in eloping include not having to go through the hassle and expense of having a wedding. You can get married right away without waiting. The cons include the fact that family members may be upset and/or disappointed that they did not have the opportunity to see you get married. Also, you may regret marrying in haste.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

The pro's are it is easier, cheaper, and less stressful, You could get more money after you are eloped. Cons are that family and friends won't be there to witness your marriage less money is given when you do the traditional marriage.


Answer by  tmshay (13)

dont your parents wont like it if you do its not a good idea unless everyone i mean everyon doesnt like the idea of getting

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