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Question by  Anonymous

What are the hormones produced from the ovaries gland?


Answer by  Echo (229)

The ovaries release progesterone and estrogen. When your cycle reaches ovulation the production of estrogen decreases and the brain is signaled to release gonadatropin-releasing hormone. This in turn releases ollicle-stimulating hormone that will stimulate the maturation of eggs.


Answer by  ruby (68)

The ovaries are an endocrine gland that produce a number of hormones from dffrent cell groups: thcal cells and/or granulosa cells Progestrone: helps in the menstrual cycle and supports pregnancy Estrogen (as estradiol): secondary sex characteristics Androstenedione: Substrate for estrogen Inhibin: inhibits production of follicle stimulating hormone that is important for ovulation


Answer by  vsgunnam (222)

Oestrogen and Progesterone are the two female sex Hormones produced by Ovaries. In addition to this small amounts of the male hormone, i.e, testosterone are produced by these glands.

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