Question by  hans (38)

What are the differences in children of working moms vs stay at home moms?

I am expecting my first baby in 2 weeks.


Answer by  Lingirl (26)

Children of stay at home Moms tend to be more comfortable with adults and are more "grown up." Children of working Moms are more social since they tend to spend more time in groups at daycares. Both children grow up to be successful adults. Do what makes you happiest-your child will do best when you feel best.


Answer by  kjgoulet (460)

Children of working moms tend to go to daycare and get socialization with other kids their own age. Those of stay at home moms don't get that same opportunity cause they aren't around different kids all day. They tend to be more shy and sometimes even have problems socializing once they get into grade school.


Answer by  cb31 (226)

There are truly no differences in children of working moms vs. stay at home moms. As long as a parent shows the appropriate love and guidance, their development will not depend on whether or not the mother stays home. This is a personal and economical choice for each individual and either way will pose challenges.


Answer by  dinomarino (268)

There are some differences between children of working moms and stay at home moms but they are hardly noticeable. As long as children are loved and wanted they thrive.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Stay at home mom's are able to keep an eye on what their children are doing. The working mother tends to end up having more independent children that tend to be self reliant. The working mother doesn't know what her children are up to when the child get's home.

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