Question by  Demician (18)

What are the cheapest US states to live in?


Answer by  Zoso (869)

The states with the lowest cost of living are in the Midwest and the south. The five least expensive states to live in as of 2009 are, in order, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Kansas.


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

The midwestern states are the cheapest to live in, minus the city of Chicago. Chicago's taxes are enormous and the cost of living is very expensive. Otherwise IL is not a very expensive place to live.

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you have not priced housing then. I can get alot nicer home in california than in the st louis area the taxes are rediculous I pay 4000+ for 925 sq feet. and payed out the nose for a crappy house that needs upgrading  add a comment

Answer by  Krabi (112)

The cheapest states are in the midwest and south. A recent report uncovered the following states as the cheapest: Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas and Nebraska. If you are planning to move to an affordable state, remember that cheap places might not have very good jobs, so do thorough research.


Answer by  bitchstewie (489)

The top 10 include Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Georgia and Mississippi according to census data.


Answer by  baba24 (270)

A lot of the deep south is reasonably inexpensive to live in like Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina and a few other states across the black belt. Across the midwest would be Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri. Virginia is reasonably cheap and also the deserts of Arizona are relatively inexpensive.


Answer by  yaomingjr32 (120)

the cheapest place to live in the united states is probably where there are not lts of people living in there. there are also places in california that are also cheap placeto live in.

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