Question by  missaway4 (25)

What are some of the best womens fragrance's on the market?

I need to get a new perfume for my wife.


Answer by  fizeronline (54)

Perfumes smell different on different people so check what her favourites are and look for something similar. However Chanel, Gucci and Jean Paul Gaultier are always a safe bet.


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

My favorites are from the Victoria's Secret line, and include Amber Romance, Love Spell, Pure Seduction, and Sweet Temptation. Hope this helps!


Answer by  Chelsey (201)

Some of the best fragrances right now are : "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs, "Chance" by Chanel, "Beat" by Burberry Brit, Coach's signature perfume, "Hollywood" by Michael Kors... good luck to you!


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Don't get her something that makes her smell like a grandma. If you like it and think it's a sexy scent that you'd like to smell on her, she will probably like it too. Victoria's Secret makes a lot of sweet, sexy and light scents and musks. You should pay them a visit.


Answer by  BethT (222)

Flora by Gucci is one of the most romantic fragrances, with its light, floral scent. Another popular brand is the citrus-based fragrance Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana.

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