Question by  bernard54 (17)

What are some good retirement gifts?

A gold watch is too cliche for me.


Answer by  twowee56 (15)

When I retired I recieved many "toys" that I now had the time to play. I recieved a new computer and a state of the art sewing machine.


Answer by  Nurulamin (60)

I would say that gift vouchers from big department store would make ideal gift for retirees. The recipents can exchange them with whatever they want instead of what is chosen for them. They will treasure these gifts more as in a way they also decide on what they want as gifts.


Answer by  mariearch (32)

Books. Now that the person has retired he or she has a lot more time on their hands and can indulge in more time-consuming activities such as reading. Go with what interests the person has. Maybe they would like to spend more time gardening or traveling -- you can buy books that will help them get started.


Answer by  Lisa6938 (485)

A good retriement gift is a one-year paid membership to an organization or activity that the retiree enjoys. Often times, a retiree can become bored and not have any idea of how to productively spen their free time. Your gift will provide them with an activity to keep busy.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

If you can afford it, a nice all expenses vacation would be a great gift to give someone for their retirement.

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