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Question by  bennyboy (22)

What are some good helpful ways to get women to stop breastfeeding in public?

Sorry, just don't need to see that while I am eating.


Answer by  wreckfish (15)

Offer women alternative spaces where they can take their babies to breastfeed them and make sure that there is full and clear signage so that they know where to go and what for. To make it more subtle, add the fact that the space would also be a baby changing room.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Approach the woman and ask that she cover her breast and the child out of respect of others present. You recognize her right to feed her child, but showing her breasts in public is not included.


Answer by  Anonymous

If you're bothered by infants being fed, tie a blindfold around your eyes and sit very quietly not bothering anybody.

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