Question by  DrDon (25)

What are some good gag gifts for someone that is now "over the hill"?

What is the meaning of "over the hill"?


Answer by  sj24 (76)

Over the hill means someone who is not young anymore. Good gag gifts for "over the hill" people would be band t-shirts, converses, tickets to hard rock bands, adult diapers.


Answer by  Purple (948)

40 or 50 years old. Can be t-shirts/mugs that say old stuff. Look in gift shops and card/party stores. Don't spend much on that stuff cause they really rarely use it so a little something goes a long ways along with a regular gift and card. Find a good card for the occasion which plenty are found at card/gifts stores.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The meaning of over the hill is different to each person. Some think it's 50 or 60 and on up. Depending on the sex, maybe for a male some condoms or running shoes might work. A female might get a laugh out of a sexy nightgown or bikini underwear.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

A cane with an attached ooga horn. Economy sized packages of Exlax or Ben Gay are always funny. Also a bumper sticker saying I stop for Bingo is hilarious.


Answer by  Blondedeathangel (28)

I would recommend a bag of pampers. to make fun of the common missconception that just because your old you've lost control of your bladder.


Answer by  norad (113)

A good gift would be a gift card from any food restaurant of his or her preference since they are all different.

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