Question by  arunakhil08yahoocom (16)

What are some good break up poems?


Answer by  emmons (147)

There are many great break-up poems. Hart Crane's "The Broken Tower" was written in response to his failed relationship with Peggy Cowley, shortly before his suicide. Several of Shakespeare's sonnets were written in response to a failed early relationship as well. The tranquility found in many of Basho's haiku may help you find peace after an unfortunate breakup.


Answer by  xoxgregxox (27)

I recommend two poems from vey passionate south american poets. "Poema de la despedida" (Goodbye Poem)by José Ángel Buesa, if you are the one who is breaking; and "Sonata para adiós y flauta" (Flute and Goodbye Sonnet) by Mario Benedetti if someone is breaking with you. Both are on the internet


Answer by  cassiopoeia (54)

The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde is my favorite ("Each man kills the thing he loves.") but Edna St. Vincent Millay has many great ones, including "Ashes of Life" and "Interim." The previous three are about longing for love lost. Shakespeare's Sonnets XXXV and XXXVI are also good.


Answer by  SharlaBrown (221)

Injete Chosoni wrote a number of good breakup poems. "Healing Rain" talks about the pain of a breakup and how it eventually heals, while "I Know I Will Love Again" is an inspirational poem about getting over a breakup and moving on with your life.

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