Question by  janz (19)

What are some common Hmong names?


Answer by  AnnWalkerKennedy (175)

Hmong people, who come from the mountains in Laos and Cambodia, have surnames like Cheng, Bee, Vue, Pao, Sao, Ger, Fang, Neng, Thong, Tov, Yang and Xiong.


Answer by  echurch (393)

There are many Hmong names that are often used. Some of these names for boys are, Long, Pao, Tao, and Teng. For girls these names are, Bo, Kia and Mai.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

I presume you mean given, not clan names: Blia, Chia, Doua, Dua, Gen, Hua, Kia, Koua, Kua, Lang, Lia, Mo,Ma, Neng, Nu, Yii, You are all popular.

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