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Question by  test19 (36)

What are popular Mexican colors?

I'm decorating for a Mexican-themed party.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

The party stores have hundreds of decorations. Reds, oranges, golds, black, turquoise are some colors to start with. You can mix napkins colors with table cloths. Get a few somberos for centerpieces. Mexican runners to run across the table. These will have a variety of colors to choose from in setting the stage for the party.


Answer by  kalip (355)

Colors that you should use for a Mexican themed party are red, green, and white. These are the colors of the Mexican flag. Base off of these colors and you will be fine.


Answer by  mmloomis (107)

The three colors that you absolutely want to have are white, red and green. All other colors you'll want to make sure they are bright yellow and lively colors as they are very festive with how they celebrate everything there is to celebrate! Incorporate the colors into the plates, napkins and decorations.


Answer by  luvmystery (141)

Mexicans enjoy bright bold colors such as gold, red, blue and green. I often see bright pink also used and many Mexican items are outlined in black. Turquoise is another color to consider.

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