Question by  vicky (51)

What are lead pennies worth?

I have quite a few lead pennies.


Answer by  worker3950 (109)

Lead pennies are worth absolutely nothing. No cent is made out of lead. At one point, pennies were made by zinc-coated steel to free up copper for world war II. Depending on the year a real penny was made, however, the value of the coin can be increased if collected by the owner.


Answer by  worker3742 (208)

There is no such thing as a lead penny. Pennies during 1943 were actually made of steel. The circulation value of one penny is 1 cent. However if sold as a collector's item to coin collectors or other coin enthusiats then it could be worth around 10-50 cents a piece.


Answer by  Anonymous

lead pennies with the year 1943 are worth about 50 to 60 bucks apiece

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