Question by  hois0017 (20)

What are examples of miracles of the different world religions?

I know that the Catholic church believes a great deal in miracles, but what are some of the miracles they think occurred?


Answer by  suchibu (15)

In Islam the Quran is a miracle due to the fact that the Prophet was illiterate and could not possible write it. Another miracle includes the Prophet's night trip to Jerusalem to climb to Heaven and meet Allah.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

The Catholic Church believes that Jesus rose up from the dead, that he parted the red sea, walked on water and healed the sick, among other miracles he has performed.


Answer by  pious57 (112)

The question is vague. Not only catholics but other branches of christianity also stress much on miracles. We too see that other religions also have instances of miracles, implying ONE GOD.


Answer by  worker1037 (28)

the widely known Hindu example is consumption of milk by lord Ganpati idols. a Muslim example includes splitting of moon by prophet Muhammad. Sikhism states a miracle concerning guru Nanak where a shiv linga kept sprouting where he kept his legs.

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