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Question by  Ghostbox (23)

What amount of pain is normal after breast reduction surgery?

I am going to be having breast reduction surgery in the near future and would like to know what to expect.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Pain tolerance varies a great deal from one person to the next. You will have discomfort as you would with any invasive procedure, and the discomfort will subside as you heal. The rate of healing depends on your age, physical condition and mental state. Some people are dramatically affected by surgery; others just take it in stride.


Answer by  guyver3869 (449)

My sister had this procedure done. The pain is no different than any other surgery. You will be out for a few days. My sister was working after 7 days


Answer by  ohyeaa17 (21)

As with any invasive surgery, breast reduction surgery is painful, but it is usually easily managed with medication. There is always a risk of chronic pain, however, one of the main benefits of the surgery is reduced back pain, so this should be considered.


Answer by  greenman123 (17)

there was moderate amount of pain during the 3 days following the procedure. After that the pain gradually decreased. After 2 weeks I was completely pain free. I did not have to take much pain killers at all.

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