Question by  Erin91 (54)

Should I return gifts if the wedding is postponed?


Answer by  Melissa22 (78)

You are only obliged to return wedding gifts if the wedding is canceled. Be sure to write thank-you notes for the gifts as you receive them rather than waiting until after the wedding and notify everyone who has been invited of the delay of the ceremony.


Answer by  Esteme (274)

If the wedding is just postponed, do not return them. However, do not open them. And it would not be a bad idea to send a note of explanation and thanks to those people. If you return them, it will simply be a hassle for them to be sent again.


Answer by  kakoe (989)

It depends on how long the wedding is postponed. If it is only a couple weeks or a month or so, it is OK to keep the gifts. Anything more than eight months and the gifts should definitely be returned.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

If a wedding is postponed for a short interval of time- such as one month- and with a definite new date set, do not return the gifts. If the postponment is indefinite with no set date or the new date is more than 6 months away, it is appropriate to return the gifts.

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