Question by  caitlin19 (24)

Is there common law in Canada? What is it like?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Canada legal system derives from British common law as does the US, but has no practical meaning to you, it is in the realm of legal history, not practical law.


Answer by  Nar85 (90)

Yes there is common law marriages in Canada. When a man and woman live together for longer than 12 months they are considered common law and therefor are entitled to the same rights and benefits of a lawfully wed couple!


Answer by  gerry10 (19)

Canada uses two systems of law. Eleven provinces and all three territories use the common law system; one, Quebec, does not. Quebec uses a hybrid system that combines civil and common law. Private matters are covered under civil law, and public matters under common law.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Canada is made up of two sets of laws. Criminal (serious crimes governed by the Criminal Code of Canada, such as murder, assault, sexual assault, fraud, theft, etc. ), and Provincial Offences (differs from province to province, and in dollar amount, but essentially, driving code offences, liquor offences, noise offences, etc. ).

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