Question by  sherryk (621)

Is there anywhere in Oklahoma where we can rent a Rife Machine fairly inexpensively?

We'd like to rent before we considering a purchase.


Answer by  Candice17 (24)

No, I do not believe that there is anywhere in the state of Oklahoma to rent a Rife Machine, but you may want to check out renting one online. I have heard mixed reviews about these things and that they may not be worth the money.

Reply by sherryk (621):
Thank you for your answer, Candice.
Sherry  add a comment
Reply by sherryk (621):
Dear Candice17,
If you have knowledge of where we can contact someone who has a rife machine anywhere in the country. Time is of the essence. Please let me know. It would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sherrryk  add a comment

Answer by  wonder47 (123)

I am not sure exactly where you can rent rife machines, but it is actually waste of money. it does nothing to help any medical issue and Raymond Rife was sued for being a medical fraud. Consider another option.

Reply by sherryk (621):
Thanks for advice. But, Raymond Rife was up against the FDA, which black-balled his machine--precisely becuase it DID have excellent results curing cancers and other diseases. What would big business do if we acutally found a cure? Rife let people use his machine for FREE. The FDA couldn't stand it.  add a comment
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