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Question by  MelanieD (52)

Is it worth selling my 1987 Lincoln Town Car?

Or should I save it for emergencies and just buy a new car with no trade-in?


Answer by  MarkGress (479)

I would keep the car and save it for emergency uses. Most places will only give you a few hundred dollars for your trade in. If they work it like they are providing you more money then you could of negotiated a lower price on the car you are buying.


Answer by  MarkGress (479)

That is a personal decision and really depends on the condition of the car and if it is dependable or not. If it needs a lot of repairs then I would recommend getting rid of it as it would be more trouble than it is worth. However, if it is reliable then I would save it for an emergency.


Answer by  OmasatoJigoku (128)

Well, lincoln town cars tend to be very good in so far as safety. Several people in my family rant about how one saved their lives once. As far as its ability to run though, they do tend to have problems. Getting another car would be wise though.


Answer by  mb1rock (89)

If you have the money to purchase another car without selling this car, then I would keep it othewise I would sell it.

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