Question by  LRover (32)

Is it normal to get headaches after exertion?


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

It is not normal to get headaches. You should ensure that you are drinking plenty of fluids during the day.


Answer by  DStone (817)

Often times, the cause of headaches after any kind of exertion is caused by dehydration. Always drink 64oz of water daily, more when your body is working hard or sweating.


Answer by  worker5534 (518)

Regular exertion never get headaches. oftenly exertion may get headaches. Because the strain in body eyes appendages and brain. If oftenly do exertion the blood vesseles are enlarge and the blood stream runs vary. The level of hear beats are increase. Due to the above condition the body will strain and get headaches.


Answer by  jaison23 (172)

The blood in the brain gets reduced after exertion and this cause head ache and this type of head aches are common among people of middle age and if the head ache is severe then the patient must be treated as soon as posible. Hence this must be treated with drugs.

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