Question by  siva (28)

Is it appropriate to be spanking an 11 year old for disobedience?


Answer by  babilot (158)

Spanking is not the way to resolve a problem for a child of any age. It can cause them to in the future believe that violence is the right way to solve problems. The best way to solve disobedience is to talk to the child about the problem. To much negativity can make the child negative.

posted by Anonymous
im 11 and my dad still spanks me and it hurts SO bad! i think
he needs help. some one please help because today he pushed me into a phone and then spanked me again cuz it broke. he terrifies me and makes me always cry SO hard!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!  add a comment

Answer by  Kris (797)

Not in my opinion. You might get better results with taking away a privilege for a set time than you would with spanking a child of this age. Be consistent and don't give the privilege back until all the time is up. Kids are smart and quickly notice if you are wishy-washy about discipline.


Answer by  workingwoman11 (195)

Their getting to that age where it would be innappropiate. At that age if they don't want to act right then you find something that is important to them-such as video games or T.V. Explain that if they misbehave then they will lose their privilege of these items for a certain amount of time.


Answer by  Kaylene (93)

Disobedience is compared to committing a crime. The child knows it is wrong but does it anway. Like a crime the punishment must fit the severity of the crime. Spanking after repeating the behavior and having it explained may be in order. The intensity of the spanking must not be so severe as to harm the child.

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