Question by  tads (17)

Is it acceptable to get a personal letter of recommendation from a relative?


Answer by  crazycool (145)

It's generally not accepted. Employers who ask for letters of recommendation want an unbiased review of your work effort and performance. Family members can be easily cajoled into writing high praise for you, when really you're no good at what you do. For this reason, I would avoid getting family to write a recommendation.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

No, it is not. If you show an employer a letter of recommendation from a relative, it actually hurts you because it indicates you could not get a letter of recommendation from those unrelated to you. Talk to neighbors you have worked for or can do odd jobs, religious leaders, or teachers for valid recommendations.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Unless that relative has supervised you in an actual job and writes a letter that focuses on your job performance (and your performance was beyond exemplary), no. When a potential employer reads a letter from your relative, that employer thinks that you are desperate and will not even consider hiring you. You would be better off with no letter.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

Nothing wrong in getting a recommendation letter from a relative if it is worth.But the addressee should accept it without hesitation.The relative must have a good knowledge about why he is giving the letter and to whom he is addressing.The relative must be in a high position.

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