Question by  amj (99)

Is Castro synthetic oil any good?


Answer by  StevenB (128)

Yes, I would say that Castrol synthetic oil is good for your car, truck or rv aplication. It is easy to see the benefits of any brand of synthetic oil. The added heat and wear protection it provides for an engine is superior to conventional oils in every way possible.


Answer by  john91 (48)

Yes. I have been using castrol synthetic on my vw turbo diesel passat for the past few years and have had no issues with the oil nor the consumption rate of synthetic oil due to viscosity.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

I think most of the synthetic oils are good. I've used quite a few of them at one time or another. I don't think Castrol is any better or worse than any of the other ones.


Answer by  Jsands1982 (871)

Depending on what Good Oils are out there. Sometimes it is better to find out what the Dealer or Manufacturer has to prefer. I find that using the suggested oil from the manufacturer can make last your engine life and wear and tear to those vital parts inside your engine.


Answer by  nicksdakota (74)

Castrol is a very good brand of oil. Whether you are using conventional or synthetic, it is still a great choice if you value your vehicle or other equipment. Castrol synthetic oils provide your engine with excellent lubrication, which will in turn, allow your vehicle to provide you with years of longevity.


Answer by  DantheCarMan (15)

yes, i have used this product in all of my cars. i have owned over 20 cars in the past few years, and i have found this is the best.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well really any "full" synthetic is a good oil choice. Castrol is not really any different than any other brand.

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