Question by  aleva932 (101)

Is a Tromm LG front loading?

I want a front loading machine.


Answer by  alexjone123 (10)

Yes, this is a front loading washing machine. This washing machine is in no way boring, it has eye catching colors. At $1,599,00, it is a lot of money, but, when you see it, you will fall in love with it immediately. It has nine different washing modes and is available to several clothing materials.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

A Tromm LG is a front loading washer. You may want to research some other options for a front loader. Almost all the reviews list complaints about this model. Complaints have listed mechanical failures, electrical problems and mold formation.


Answer by  gr8archer45 (84)

Yes indeed, the Tromm LG is a front loading machine with ultra capacity. Reviews rate it to be efficient in terms of water and power usage and cleans clothes thoroughly.


Answer by  AmberE (34)

The LG Tromm washing machine and drier latching doors are located on the front of the appliance, not the top.

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